Track listing:

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01. Prune Dumplings Polka (Czech Vocal)
02. My Darling Waltz (Czech Vocal)
03. My Little Girl Polka (English Vocal)
04. Drunken Wigmaker Waltz (Czech Vocal)
05. Cuckoo Waltz (Instrumental)
06. Clock on the Steeple Polka (Czech Vocal)
07. Rosalinda Waltz (English Vocal)
08. My Pony (Muy Konicek) March (Czech Vocal)
09. Red and White Waltz (Czech Vocal)
10. If I Were a Bird Polka (Czech Vocal)
11. Headache Waltz (Czech Vocal)
12. Wooden Heart Polka (English Vocal)
13. Teardrops Waltz (Czech Vocal)
14. Owl Polka (Czech Vocal)
15. Waiting in the Woods Waltz (Czech Vocal)
16. No Beer Today Polka (English Vocal)

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