Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to the
"Czech Classics - Then and Now..."

Ever wonder where all that great music comes from?
Well, here it is!  My complete music library (my Czech polka and waltz library anyway...)
This is compiled from a number of sources, and thanks go out to (in no particular order):
John Ondrusek; Thomas Durnin; Dave Bedrich; John Galure; Gil Voss,
Joe Janecka; Martin Forman; Jim Kane; Glenn Lacina; David Derzanovich; Don Mayne
Emilia Plosaj; Bobby Jetelina; Gary McKee; John Hickl; Brian Svetlik
and all the bands that have sent me their music...

UPDATED 1/9/2021

OK, so check this out:
My library had gotten so big EVEN BIGGER, it's just about impossible to post it all on one page.
So I've split it into thirds:  Texas bands on two pages (A through M and N through Z);
Non-Texas bands (Nebraska, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Czech Republic, and all points in between)
on the other.
This is LITERALLY every piece of polka and waltz music I own
(oh, except for the live tapes, maybe I'll work on that at some point...)

So check out the pages: as always, I'm open to requests, so if you see a song you'd like to hear,
let me know.  And be sure to click on the thumbnail pictures,
they will take you to full-size scans of the complete album artwork (where available).
Complete liner-notes, copies of album and CD labels, everything.
A literal on-line library of polka music.

TEXAS BANDS A-L          TEXAS BANDS M-Z          NORTHERN BANDS          CZECH 78 RPMS (1950's)