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Nesvadba, Mason - 2020 With Joe Zetka Jr.
Beautiful Shepherd Polka (v)
U Zborova Waltz (v)
Mason's Special Polka
Beautiful Dream Waltz
Under the Bridge Polka (v)
Days of My Youth Waltz (v)
Yesterday I Waited Polka (v)
Go to Sleep Little Children Waltz (v)
If I Were a Bird Polka (v)
Grinder's Polka (v)
Owl Polka
Enchanted Woods Waltz

New Braunfels Village Brass Band - 1996 Lustige Kameraden (Lively Comrades)
Grun in die Ferne March
Gut Gemixl Walzer Potpourri Teil I
Gablonzer Perlen Polka
Geburststagwalzer Waltz
Lustige Geseller Polka
Knallbonbons Marsch Potpourri Polka
Im Rosenbarten Walzer Waltz
Drei Weibe Birken Polka
Gut Gemixl Walzer Potpourri Teil II
Liebesparchen Polka
Rehragout-Waldbauern Schottische
Brautnacht Waltz
Tschingsda und Bumsda Polka

New Edition - 1991 Polkas and Waltzes
Eyes of Blue Polka (v)
At the Dance Waltz (v)
You and Me
Beautiful Song Waltz (v)
Too Cold at Home
Open Up Your Heart Polka (v)
Tiny Clover Waltz (v)
That Does It
Jole Blon Waltz (v)
Killing Time

Okonski, Steve - 45 rpm (Pulaski)
Bremond Polish Wedding Dance
Plynie Polka (v)
Steve's Waltz
Stop This Fighting Boys Polka

Patalik, Sonny's Classic Sounds Combo - 1992 New Old Time Sounds
Sonny's Polka
Goodbye Waltz (v)
Arise My Darling-A Ja Sam-Praha Polka (v)
Looking For My Sweetheart-Orphan-At the Brook Waltz (v)
Birdnest Polka
Jolly Trumpeter's Waltz
Red Beer-Under Our Window-At the Mill Polka (v)
Let's Get Together Waltz
Corn Cockle Polka (v)
Elephant's Waltz
Unknown Girl Polka
Wilted Rose-Beautiful Shepherdess-Dreamboat Waltz (v)

Patalik, Sonny's Classic Sounds Combo - Dutchmania, Texas Style
No Beer Today Polka (v)
Once on a Sunday Waltz (v)
Chicken Dance
So Ein Tag Waltz (v)
Green Meadow (Oh Meadow) Polka (v)
Spring is Coming-Trumpets Sing-Tavern Polka (v)
Red and White Waltz (v)
One Eyed Jack Polka
Friendship is Forever Schottische
Blue Skirt Waltz (v)
Long Road to Praha Polka (v)

Patek, Joe Orch - 78 rpm
1937-02-10 Decca 5338-A - Grandmother's Joy Laendler
1937-02-10 Decca 5338-B - Clover Leaf Polka
1949 FBC 122.1 - Shiner Beer Polka (v)
1949 FBC 122.2 - Patek's Special Waltz (v)
1949 Hummingbird 119-A - Nas Maty (Our Mike) Polka
1951-53 Hummingbird 152-A - It's Your Fault Polka
1951-53 Hummingbird 152-B - Prune Song Waltz (v)
1951-53 Hummingbird 155-A - George and Joe Polka
1951-53 Hummingbird 155-B - Innocence Waltz
1951-53 Hummingbird 170-A - At the Mill Polka (v)
1951-53 Hummingbird 170-B - Miner's Rose Waltz
1951-53 Hummingbird 176-A - Annie & the Foreman Polka (v)
1951-53 Hummingbird 176-B - I Know You'll Forget Waltz

Patek, Joe Orch - 1955-59 TNT 45rpm
Arise My Darling Waltz (v)
Four Horses Waltz (v)
Hay Meadow (Haymaking) Waltz (v)
If I Were a Bird Polka (v)
Juarez Mexico
Memories of Cameron Waltz
Oh Meadow Polka (v)
Orphan Waltz (v)
Owl Waltz
Red and White Waltz (v)
Red Wine Polka (v)
5044- - Shiner Song (v)
5044+ - Springtime in the Rockies Waltz (v)
Village Polka
Without a Thing Polka
Wonderland by Night
5012A - Arise My Darling Polka (v)
5012B - Evelyn Waltz
5014A - At the Mill  Polka (v)
5014B - Red Handkerchief Waltz
5018A - Corrido Rock Polka
5018B - Shiner Waltz
5020A - Under Our Windows Polka (v) 
5020B - Huntsman Waltz
5022A - El Rancho Grande Polka (v)
5022B - Dreamland Waltz (v)
5026A - America Polka
5026B - At the Brook Waltz (v)

THE JOE PATEK ORCHESTRA - Polka Party (TNT Album w/Hi-Toppers)
Village Polka
El Rancho Grande Polka (v)
America Polka
Huntsman Waltz
Shiner Waltz
Corrido Rock Polka

Patek, Joe Orch - Polkas and Waltzes (TNT)
Jumping Jimmy Polka
Trail in the Forest Waltz (v)
Around the Moon Polka (v)
My Wild Irish Rose Waltz (v)
Red and White Waltz (v)
Wooden Heart Polka (v)
Little Tavern Waltz (v)
Goodtime Polka
Maybe Yes Maybe No Waltz (v)

Patek, Joe Orch - Happy Joe and Other Favorites (TNT)
Corn Cockle Polka (v)
Foundling Waltz
There's No Beer in Heaven Polka (v)
Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz (v)
All by Myself Polka (v)
Blue Eyes Waltz
What's Your Hurry Polka
Long Road to Praha Polka (v)
Happy Joe Waltz (v)
Our Mike Polka
Born to Lose
You Are My Sunshine Polka (v) Patek, Joe Orch - Joe Patek and His Orch (TNT) (now called "Polka Memories") Oaken Leaves Polka (v) Under the Balconies Waltz My Pony Polka (v) Swiss Boy Waltz Tinker Polka (v) By My Side (Wayside) Waltz (v) Musicians Come Out and Play Polka Beautiful Dream Waltz (v) Springtime Polka Enchanted Woods Waltz
Dreamboat Waltz Patek, Joe Orch - Shiner Gold (Guide Records) Youth and Pleasure Polka Mountian Flower Waltz (v) Chimney Sweep Polka Looking for My Sweetheart Waltz (v) Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka (v) Grandfather's Joy Laendler Happy (Jolly Musicians) Polka Poor Man's Waltz (v) Yesterday I Waited For You Polka (v) Paper Roses Orphan Waltz (v) (2) Orphan Waltz (v) Patek, Joe Orch - The Magic of Joe Patek Like a Rose Polka (v) Path to Moravia Waltz (v) Red Rose Polka (v) Deer Waltz (v) Lovely Mary Polka Starlight Waltz (v) Underneath the Alp Polka Red Rose Waltz (v) Patek, Joe Orch - 1979-07-08 Live at the East Bernard Klobase-Kolache Fest Good Morning Polka Tulacek Waltz (v) Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Innocence Waltz Youth and Pleasure Polka Fraulein Nemelem Polka (v) Grandfather's Joy Laendler Cotton Eyed Joe Ramblin' Rose Our Katy Polka Long Road to Praha Polka (v) Orphan Waltz (v) Pavelka Orch - Dance Time with the Pavelkas Saddle HorsePolka Violet and the Rose Waltz Up and Down Polka Brand New Name Little Tavern Waltz Baby Doll Polka Blue Hawaii On Our Porch Polka Lazy Farmer Waltz Elmer's Tune Night in May Waltz Harbor Lights Pavelka Orch - 1975 A Collection of Memories Red Raven Polka Orphan Waltz (v) Emilia Polka Yesterday I Waited For You Polka (v) Four Horses Waltz (v) Who is Going to Love You Polka Lazy Farmer Waltz (v) Please Help Me, I'm Falling Brand New Name Rangers Waltz Guitar Schottische Little Cottage (Days of My Youth) Waltz Pavelka Orch - 1977 Pavelka's New Sound Arise My Darling Polka (v) Dreamland Waltz (v) Uma Paloma Blanca Polka My Darling Waltz (v) Tennessee Polka Key's in the Mailbox Herr Schmidt Blue Spanish Eyes When We Parted Waltz (v) LINER NOTES: The Pavelka Orchestra has been a household word in polka recordings and music appearances since early in the 1940's, when a group of dedicated musicians gave their time and talent to keeping our polka heritage alive. They contributed their part to our universal effort to make our music what it is today. It is no secret that we live through what we pass on to the generation behind us - and the generation behind them: and because of this, our polka music is more popular today than ever before. In 1975, wit the sudden death of two of the original members, George and Bob Pavelka, the Pavelka Orchestra continued to perform: and with the addition of two new members, they developed the new sound of the Pavelka Orchestra which is presented on this album. Helen Pavelka, widow of George Pavelka, was asked to be the manager of the new group. Having been a loyal supporter of the group and a band leader's wife for seven years, the position was a natural for her. I believe the band members, as well as the people who have attended their dances, will agree that this album is a job well done. The songs on this album were chosen by special request, and I believe you will find the variety outstanding. So from the Pavelka Orchestra of Corpus Christi (the sparkling city by the sea) we present the Pavelka's New Sound. Benny J. Pavelka - Trumpet, vocals leader Jerome J. Pavelka - Tenor saxophone Michael (Mike) Pavelka - Guitar, vocals Benji Pavelka - Bass Guitar Kirby Park - Accordion, cordovox Mark Rebecek - Drums Pavelka Orch - From Sunny South Texas Jalisco Polka Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz (v) Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain (v) Roaring Mountains Polka (v) (CD) Roaring Mountains Polka (v) Blacksmith Waltz (v) Beer Barrel Polka Shiner Polka (v) Orphan Waltz Before I Met You Waltz (v) Under the Pine Tree Polka (v) Prune Waltz Just Because Polka LINER NOTES: Tradition of any kind is a beautigul thing because it is something that is passed from generation to generation. To hear it said that Polka music is a tradition is a statement to touch one's heart. Polka music is more alive today and finding its place in the heart of more people than even in the time of our forefathers from which it came. To the Pavelka Orchestra, tradition was kept alive in the form of music and each musicians inherited their "first love" in Polkas. The Pavelkas Orch. was organized in early 1943, and they have played continously since then at countless dances, weddings, picnics, parties, etc. Four members that originally started with the group in 1943 are still playing today. They are George, Jerome, Benny J. and Bob Pavelka. George Pavelka, Jr. (son of George Pavelka) and Michael Pavelka (son of Benny J. Pavelka) are the 3rd generation to play in the orchestra. Their late grandfather, John Pavelka, started the orchestra. There is great hope this tradition will be carried on by Edward Pavelka (son of George Pavelka, Jr.) as he is already showing an interst in music. In this album the Pavelka Orchestra truly tried to answer the request of their many fans and we feel that we have included something to please everyone. As a personal note, I found the Pavelka Orchestra to be as heart-warming and fun-loving a band as I have ever recorded. - Ray Doggett George Pavelka - Manager, saxophone, vocalist Jerome Pavelka - Saxophone B.J. Pavelka - Trumpet Bob Pavelka - Trumpet, trombone, vocalist George Pavelka, Jr. - Bass horn Michael Pavelka - Guitar, vocalist Henry Valinta - Piano Mark Rebecek - Drums EMPAC LP-1206 Pavlas, Adolph & His Gold Chain Bohemians - Vocalion 78rpm Nas Matej (Our Mike) Polka Our Katy Polka (VOCALION 15955, SA 2496, 11/16/36) Pivo Cervene (Red Beer) Polka (v) Vstavey Ma Mila (Arise My Darling) Polka Zahra Dce Waltz (VOCALION 15955, SA 2503, 11/16/36) Petter, Jerry - Polkas and Waltzes Moonlight Polka Huntsman's Waltz Cherry Pickers Polka Grandmother's Joy Laendler Mildred Polka Katherina (Beautiful Dream) Laendler Gypsy Polka Cottage Below the Mountains Waltz Gerik's Schottische (CD) Gerik's Schottische Repeat Polka Blue Skirt Waltz Beer Barrel Polka Polish Eagles - 1980s live recordings Various unknown Polish Waltzes and Polkas
Barbara Polka
Polka Patriot Orchestra - A Polka and Waltz Extravaganza Coalminers Polka Trumpets Play Waltz Smokehouse Polka Fly Me to My Homeland Waltz Quiet Hour Polka Linky's Laendler Minnesota Polka Slavish Girl Polka Greet My Homeland Waltz When I Get Married Polka Clairene Waltz Friendship Polka Star Waltz Rain Rain Polka Praha Bros - 2000 Praha Bros Youth and Pleasure Polka (v) Westphalia Waltz Long Road to Praha Polka (v) Looking For My Sweetheart Waltz (v) Happiness Waltz (v) Corn Cockle Polka (v) Green Meadow Waltz (v) Yesterday I Waited For You Polka (v) Dreamboat Waltz (v) Cavalry Soldier Polka (v) Praha Polka (v) Praha Bros - 2003 Once Upon a Polka Peanuts Polka Starlight Waltz (v) Seven Step Polka It Took Me All Night (To Get Home Last Night) Waltz (v) El Golpe Triador Polka (v) Mountain Valley Waltz (v) Fire Brigade Polka (v) Charm of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes Waltz (v) Black Gypsy Polka (v) Orphan Waltz (v) Tic-Toc Polka Ring of Fire In Heaven There Is No Beer Polka (v) When the Children Sleep Waltz (v) Plowing the Field Polka (v) Hills of Shiner Polka (v) Red Ravens - 1993 Dance Time in Texas Young Girl Polka (v) Lovers Kiss Waltz (v) Pretty Dancing Girl Polka (v) Blue Skirt Waltz (v) When Did You Stop Loving Me Flying Martin Waltz Chimney Polka Path to Moravia Waltz (v) Polka Time in Texas (v) Once on Sunday Waltz (v) Village Tavern Polka Look at Us Red Ravens - 1998 Toe Tapping Tunes Cradle Polka (v) Mountain Flower Waltz (v) Price I Paid Tomcat Polka (v) Cross in the Field Waltz (v) Fire I Can't Put Out Eyes of Blue Polka (v) Accordion Waltz Touch My Heart My Angel Polka (v) Starlight Waltz (v) You Ain't Lovin'-You Ain't Livin Red Ravens - Polka Better All By Myself Polka (v) Monkey Polka (v) Austin Waltz (v) Garden Gate Polka (v) Poor Cinderella Polka Fraulein Lot of Love in San Antone Happy Joe Waltz (v) Maybe Yes Maybe No Waltz (v) Amarillo By Morning Is It Wrong For Lovin' You Good Night My Darling Waltz (v) Red Ravens - Talkin' Trash, Playin' Requests Annie Polka (v) You Are in My Heart (Du Du) Waltz (v) Laughin' Polka (v) Waiting in the Woods Waltz (v) Happy Go Lucky Polka (v) Together Again Heartaches By the Number Drinking Thing Blue Moon Turns to Gold Westphalia Waltz Stranger Things Have Happened First Step Red Ravens - To Our Friends Who is Going to Love You Polka Orphan Waltz (v) Gay Time Polka Blacksmith Waltz At the Mill Polka (v) Dreams of a Dreamer Village Polka In the Woods (Woodland) Waltz Kind of Love I Can't Forget Dreamboat Waltz Under Our Window Polka (v) Pins and Needles in My Heart Red Ravens - Back Porch Music Shiner Song Polka (v)
True Annie Waltz
I Love to Dance Polka (v)
Charms of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes Waltz (v)
Sing Me Back Home
Red Wine Polka (v)
Stone Heart Waltz (v)
Stars on the Water
Hills of Shiner Polka (v)
Trail in the Forest Waltz (v)
Young Girl Polka (v)
Beer Barrel Polka
Little Bit of Heaven
Green Forest Polka
Dream Boat Waltz (v)
All These Things
All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v)
Red Ravens - Your Favorites Our Style Sunday Polka (v)
Girl Friend Waltz (v)
At the Mill Polka (v)
Prune Song Waltz (v)
Pivo and Kolaches Polka (v)
Little Tavern Waltz (v)
Bottle Let Me Down
Man Loves a Woman
Roaring Mountains Polka (v)
Mountain Valley Waltz (v)
Plow Polka (v)
Red and White Waltz (v)
Kajdu Polka (v)
Headache Waltz (v)
I Waited for You Polka (v)
Wonderful Tonight
Repka, Henry & Wilderness - 1991 On Track My DarlingPolka Go to Sleep My Children Waltz Musicians Come and Play Polka Fisherman's Love Waltz Praha (Shiner Song) Polka Dudacek (Once on a Sunday) Waltz Beer Barrel Polka Hastrmann Waltz River Road Boys (Clyde Brewer & Bob White) - 45 rpm (Tonka) Jessie Polka Jole Blon Waltz Round Top Brass Band - Silver Anniversary Lore-Lore Polka Brautnacht (Honeymoon) Waltz Auf der Vogelwiese (On the Meadow) Polka Grandmother's Joy Laendler Mein Boehmerland (My Bohemia) Polka Liechensteiner Polka Anneliese Polka Bier G' Schichten (Munich Beer Song) Polka Blaue Augen (Blue Eyes) Polka Wide Fields of Svatobor Waltz Zwei, Drei, Vier Polka Wandern, Sonne, Erika (Happy Wanderer) Polka Monarch Polka INFO: RONNIE SACKS PO BOX 131, ROUND TOP, TX 78954 (409) 249-5314 Round Top Brass Band - Celebrating a 40 Year Legacy Queen City March E Pluribus Unum March Koliner Marsch (Koline) National Emblem March Joyce's 7st N.Y.Reg't March Them Basses, A March Schutzenliesel Polka Kleine Anuschka Waltzer Brasses To Fore March Military Escort March Washington Post March Rosamunde Polka The Billboard March Gruss An Potsdam Marsch Sag 'Dankeschon' Mit Roten Rosen The Thunderer March Rybak, Chris - 1993 Polka & Waltz Instrumentals Bang Bang Polka Isabella Waltz Musicians Come & Play Polka All Smiles Tonight Waltz Dick's Polka At the Spring Waltz All By Myself Polka Echo in the Hills Waltz You Are My Sunshine Beautiful Waltz Tinker Polka Clairene Waltz Rybak, Chris - 1994 I Love to Polka Let the Sunshine In Polka (v) Olive Tree Waltz (v) The Night They Invented Champagne Polka Blue Skirt Waltz (v) My Darling Polka Falling Leaves Waltz (v) Peanuts Polka Kydu Polka (v) Accordion Waltz Painted Gate Polka (v) Orphan Waltz (v) Sweet Shirley Polka Live and Let Live Waltz (v) Red Raven Polka (v) Rybak, Chris - 1996 Let's Have a Party Let's Have a Party Polka (v) Song of Bohemia Waltz (v) Golden Pheasant Polka Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz (v) Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Under the Bridge Polka (v) Soy de San Luis Polka (v) Youth and Pleasure Polka So Ein Tag Waltz (v) Ashes of Love Polka (v) Wild Goose Waltz (v) Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka (v) Spanish Eyes Jole Blon (v) Rybak, Chris and Santiago Jimenez - Two Kings of Accordion (2011) Clarinet Polka Los Tres Sabinos Waltz Fancy Pants Polka Viva Seguin Polka Beautiful Waltz The German Polka Circling Pigeons Waltz La Tuna Waltz Gypsy Polka El Gaucho Polka Badger Laendler Montelongo Waltz You Are Like a Rose Polka Over Three Mountains Rybak, Leroy's Swinging Orch - Don't Mess with Texas Polkas and Waltzes Good Morning Polka Poor Little Me Waltz (v) El Rancho Grande Polka Orphan Waltz (v) Keeper of My Heart Hills of Shiner Polka Mary (Marjanko) Waltz (v) Our Katy Polka (v) The Wanderer (Tulacek) Waltz (v) Beer Barrel Polka Have I Told You Lately Hasterman Waltz (v) Play Me a Polka (v) Rybak, Leroy's Swinging Orch - Classics (2006) Youth and Pleasure Polka Memories Waltz Shiner Polka Fancy Pants Polka Poor Little Me Waltz In Heaven There is No Beer Polka Painted Gate Polka White Mule Waltz Clarinet Polka Julida Polka Accordion Waltz Guacamole Polka Out Behind the Barn Polka Echo in the Hills Waltz My Darling Polka Seven Dutchmen - 1980 The First 5 Years Stardust
Up a Lazy River
I'll Never Smile Again
Jersey Bounce
You Made Me Love YOu
Seven Dutchmen Polka
Blue Skirt Waltz
Beer Barrel Polka
Westphalia Waltz
Peanuts Polka
Schnee (Snow) Waltz
Seven Dutchmen - Twenty Years of the Seven Dutchmen Red Raven Polka (v) In Munchen Steht Waltz (v) Chicken Dance In the Mood Saturday Night Waltz Rock and Rye Polka Happy Wanderer Polka (v) Lovers Waltz Jalisco Polka Spanish Eyes Heartaches (Maybe Yes Maybe No) Waltz Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka (v) Homecoming Waltz ALEX YBARRA - ALTO SAX; TOM KNOWLES - ALTO SAX, VOCALS; RANDY BIRKELBACH - TENOR SAX JOHN KADERLI - TPT., VOCALS; TERRY SALGE - TPT., VOCALS; NANCY GUENTHER - TPT; CRAIG SCOTT - TPT.; JANET KADERLI - PIANO; RENNIE GUENTHER - ELEC. BASS; JONATHAN CAMPBELL - TUBA DAVID SMITH - DRUMS, VOCALS; BRYAN SALGE - DRUMS; PAUL KADERLI - MARACAS INFO: JOHN KADERLI 265 LANDA ST, NEW BRAUNFELS, TX 78130 (210) 625-2367 Seven Dutchmen - 2002 Back to My Homeland Beer Barrel Polka We Left Our Wives At Home Waltz (v) Tick Tock Polka Somewhere My Love-Edelweiss Waltz Pat's Polka Back To My Homeland Waltz (v) Fairy Tale Waltz Margie-Marianne Polka German Waltz Melody (v) Silver Wings In Heaven There Is No Beer (v) Shimek, Wence Orch. - You Asked For It Black Gypsy Waltz (v) In the Green Grove Polka (v) Circling Pigeons Waltz Have You Ever Been Lonely (v) The Bird (Jerabacek) Polka (v) Pretty Dancing Girl Polka (v) Black Crow Polka (v) Memories Waltz (v) Red Raven Polka (v) Crystal Chandelier (v) Mountain Flower Waltz (v) My Pony Polka (v) Shimek, Wence Orch. - Presents the Gray Dove Polka Gray Dove Waltz (v) Clover by the Water Polka Wild Olive Waltz (v) Flying Martin Waltz (v) Homecoming Waltz (v) Harbor Lights Waltz Medley (v) Village Polka When I Walked By Waltz (v) Out Behind the Barn Polka (v) Garden Waltz (v) Faded Love (v) Shimek, Wence Orch. - Presents More Polka's and Waltz's Round and Round Polka (v) Beautiful Grove Waltz (v) Painted Gate Polka (v) On Our Balcony Waltz Wheelbarrow Polka (v) Boogie Bear (Haunted Garret) Waltz (v) Annie in the Cabbage Patch Polka (v) Swiss Boy Waltz Anicka (Annie's) Polka (v) Hasterman Waltz (v) Come Joe to Us Polka (v) On the Hill Top (Hillside) Waltz (v) Grinder's (Nemelem) Polka (v) Fisherman's Love Waltz (v) Shiner Hobo Band - 1993 Here Again Our Mike Polka Beautiful Shepherdess Waltz (v) Pretty Dancing Girl Polka (v) Rancho Grande Polka (v) Music Music Waltz Annie the Foreman Polka (v) All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v) No Beer on Sunday Polka (v) Once On a Sunday Waltz (v) From Tabor to Us Polka (v) Huntsman Waltz (v) Shiner Hobo Band - unknown album Shiner Song Polka (v) It Was a Beautiful Dream Waltz (v) Wheelbarrow Polka (v) Green Meadow Waltz (v) German Waltz Medley (v) Beautiful America Waltz (v) Under the Bridge Polka (v) Good Morning Polka When We Parted Waltz (v) Angel Polka (v) Tom Cat Polka (v) Yellow Rose of Texas Polka (v) Red Wine Polka (v) Happy Go Lucky Polka (v) In Heaven There is No Beer Polka (v) Chicken Dance Shiner Hobo Band - 2004 One More Time Julida Polka (v) Plow Polka (v) Springtime In The Rockies Waltz (v) Youth And Pleasure Polka Czech Farmer Waltz (v) Music Music March You Are Like A Rose Polka (v) Mockingbird Waltz (v) Frauline Orphan Waltz (v) Under The Bridge Polka Grinders Polka (v) Musicians Come Out And Play Polka Polkatime In Texas (v) Release Me Fire Brigade Polka Red And White Waltz (v) Wheelbarrow Polka Go To Sleep My Children Waltz (v) Angel Polka Falling Leaves Waltz (v) At The Mill Polka (v) Shiner Song Shiner Hobo Band - 2010 Fun Times with the Hobos I Waited For You Yesterday Polka (v) Hill Of Shiner Polka (v) Wanderer (Tulacek) Waltz (v) No Beer On Sunday Polka (v) Memories Of Cameron Waltz (v) Tear In My Beer Around The Moon Polka (v) Mickey Mouse Polka (v) Four Horses Waltz (v) Long Road To Praha Polka (v) Don't Squeeze My Charmin Waltz (v) Medley (Lovely Mary, Arise My Darling, Roaring Mtns, Apple Peaches) (v) Westphalia Waltz Corn Cockle Polka (v) Sugar Blues (v) Our Mike Polka Green Meadow Waltz (v) Black Gypsy Polka (v) Farewell March Come Joe To Us Polka (v) Clock On The Steeple Polka (v) If I Were A Bird Polka (v) Shiner Song (Tag-My Three Sons) (v) The Sound Connection - Back to My Homeland Alphabet Polka (v) A Ja Sam Polka (v) Back to My Homeland Waltz (v) Top of the Hill Polka My Darling Ann Waltz (v) Big Splash Polka Let's Have a Party Polka (v) Kufsteiner Lied Waltz (v) My Angel Polka (v) I'll Wait For You Waltz Who Stole the Keishka Polka (v) Red and White Waltz (v) South Texas Bohemian Cowboys - 45 rpm (Lori) Cotton Strippin' Polka Loving You Waltz Starlights (Shiner, TX) - New Sounds From the Starlights Fisherman's Love Waltz (v) Black Gypsy Waltz (v) Cameron Waltz Around the Gate Waltz Rancho Grande Polka (v) Chicken Song Cradle Polka (v) More and More Why Do I Have to Choose I Wouldn't Change You If I Could Tennessee Whiskey Amarillo by Morning Sternadel Orch - Polka Wheels are Rollin' Bandleader Polka (v) Innocence Waltz Our Mike Polka Saturday Night Waltz Broken Vows Cotton Eyed Joe Just Because Polka Happy Joe Waltz (v) No Letter Today El Rancho Grande Polka LINER NOTES: The greatness of Old-Time polka and waltz music has not been tarnished by the hands of time. We still love to dance...and reminisce to out old-time favorite songs that we have loved so much since we were children. There old tunes seem to mean more to us today than they ever did then. Keeping in line with the many requests that we receive for old-time polkas, we present the Sternadel Orchestra, playing their most requested numbers at the many appearances that they give throughout Texas. Their is to please, and please you they will. The Sternadel Orchestra is from Hallettsville, Texas; a town that has a very deep appreciation for polka music. It is our pleasure to have the Sternadel Orchestra with their first Guide album. We hope that you enjoy playing their record as much as we have enjoyed recording them. Victor G. Sternadel - Band Manager "I have managed these kid's band activities since their school days. Some of them actually started in grade school and all the way through Junior High and High School." Elroy Sternadel - Band Leader "I organized our band in 1962. My instruments on the record are the cornet and tenor saxophone." Betty Jean Sternadel - Vocalist, Accordion & Saxophone "I began learning to play the accordion when I was eight years old and later joined my brother's band in 1965." Henry Kallus, Jr. - Alto & Tenor Sax, Steel Guitar "I started with our band in 1969." Ronnie Etzler - Tenor Saxophone "I started with the band in 1966." Rudalph (Rudie) Petru - Rhythm Guitar "I started with the band in 1968." Clarence Laas - Drummer "I have been with the band for the last five years." Guide - 1009 Strand, Harold & His Orch - Play Polkas White Horse Polka Circling Pigeons Laendler Clock on the Steeple Polka Driftwood Waltz Borsicanka Polka Clarichien Laendler Quit Your Pouting Laendler Gordon's Laendler Woodland Polka Once at Home Waltz Vienna Forever Polka Life in the Finnish Woods Waltz Sharpshooter Polka Norsk Waltz LINER NOTES: The Harold Strand Orch. began playing at Toby's Place in West in 1968. In 1980 their engagements expanded to include entertainment for the monthly Crawford Polka Club dances in Crawford. The same year they also began providing ballroom music for the Stardust Dance Club in Waco. They continue to perform for the latter two dance clubs to this day. For the past eleven years, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, Harold Strand had provided dinner entetainment at Heitmiller's Steakhouse in Elm Mott, with David Hooten accompanying him on Fridays. We hope you have had the experience of enjoying the music of the Harold Strand Orch. at the above-mentioned locations or at one of the many Czech halls across Texas, which have been filled with the outstanding polka/waltz music of these talented men. Strmiska, Norbert - Old Tyme Favorites Dick's Polka Blue Skirt Waltz Beer Barrel Polka In The (Enchanted) Woods Waltz Good Morning Polka Who's Going To Love You Polka Last (Lovers) Kiss Waltz Oh Susanna Schottische Poor Little Me (Under Our Window) Polka Like A Rose Polka Somewhere My Love Spanish Eyes Our Czech Songs Waltz Birth of The Blues Five Foot Two and Eyes of Blue Twilight Time Sulak, Al & the Country Sounds (Wallis, TX) - Remember When... (2011) Heart Over Mind I Fall to Pieces Your Man Jole Blon City Lights Corn Cockle Polka (v) Austin Waltz Heartaches by the Number Paper Roses El Golpe Triador Haunted Garrett Waltz (v) Remember When My Girl Blueberry Hill London Homesick Blues Young Girl Polka (v) Sundowners - 45 rpm Rosebud Waltz (inst) Rosebud Waltz (v) Swingin' Dutchmen - Lustig Ist Das Leben Ein Fest Der Musik Polka Das Kufsteiner Lied Waltz (v) Clarinet Polka Dutchman's Waltz Brandnst Du Einen Mann Louise (White Horse) Polka (v) Swiss Valley Waltz Schone Maid Polka (v) In Den Bergen Polka (CD) In Den Bergen Polka Snow Waltz Anneliese Polka Erinnerung Waltz Drie Weisse Birken Polka (v) Herz Shmerz Polka Chicken Dance DENNIS KIEHLER - ACC., TPT., VOCALS; TODD MEIER - TPT.; DEREK KOEHLER - TPT., VOCALS RONNIE IBROM - CLAR., ALTO SAX; RUSS WITTRUP - CLAR., ALTO SAX, GUITAR, VOCALS BILL BOWLES - TENOR HORN; MOSES BOWLES - TUBA; STEVE BLAND - DRUMS; D IANA KOEHLER - VOCALS INFO: DENNIS KOEHLER 1214 CLEARWATER DR NEW BRAUNFELS, TX 78130 512-594-3262 Tannenberger, Henry Orch - 1986 On Our Porch On Our Porch Polka Circling Pigeons Laendler Three Yanks Polka Black Gypsy Waltz Upside Down Polka Unhappy Loves Polka Deer-Dreamland Waltz Nebraska Polka Good Morning Polka Echoes in the Hills Waltz Midnight Rose Waltz Grandmother's Joy Laendler HENRY TANNENBERGER - ACC.; GARY HENNEKE - ALTO SAX, TENOR SAX, CLAR. SIDNEY SOUKUP - ALTO SAX, TENOR SAX, CLAR.; CARL BAILUS - TPT; JOHNNIE VOLDAN - TPT.; GENE LICHNOVSKY - PIANO; NORMAN BARNES - BASS HORN; GARY KUNKEL - DRUMS Tannenberger, Henry Orch - A Return to Germany Ping Pong Polka
Dorf Tief Im Bohmewald (Bohemian Forest) Waltz
Today I Started Loving You Again
Old Lady Polka
Seeman Deine Heimat Ist Dos Meer (Sailor)
Kirmess Waltz
Oompa Man Polka
Wir Kommen Ale in Den Himmel Waltz
Welcome to My World
Fireman's Polka
Grandfather's Joy Laendler
When I Sleep Polka
Taylor Czech Chorus - Songs of Our Heritage Nemelem (Grinders Polka) Bylo To Jeden Krat V Nedeli (Once On A Sunday) Rostou, Rostou, Rostou (Corn Cockle Polka) Na Sumave Je Dolina (Mountain Valley Waltz) Muzikanti, Pojdte Hrat (Musicians Come And Play) Roste Drobna Jatelinka (Gathering Clover Waltz) Snow Waltz (Instrumental) Kdyz Jsme Opustili Prahu (Praha Polka) Svestkova Alej (Prune Song) Vcera Jsem Te Cekala (Yesterday I Waited For You) Vltavo, Vltavo (River In Prague) A Ja Sam (All By Myself) Sedlak Na Louce Sece (Haymakers Waltz) Stratila Jsem Kajdu (I Lost My Vest) Cesky Sedlacek (Czech Farmer Waltz) Andulko Safarova (Annie The Foreman) Husicka Divoka (Wild Goose Waltz) Dobre Ceske Kolace (Good Czech Kolaches) Pisnicka Ceska (Song Of Bohemia) Okolo Mesice (Around The Moon) Husar Ma Konicka (Cavalry Soldier Polka) Vcera Jsem Byl U Muziky (At The Dance) Beer Barrel Polka (Instrumental) Telstars - The New World of Polka Peanuts Polka
Happy Joe Waltz (v)
Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
In Heaven There is No Beer Polka (v)
Beer Barrel Polka
Put Your Hand in the Hand
Red and White Waltz (v)
Popcorn Polka
I Know You're Married
Red Wine Polka (v)
Crazy Arms
Somewhere My Love Waltz
Texas Legacy Czech Band - 2008 1st Album Young Girl Polka (v) Lover's Kiss Waltz (v) Kajdu Polka (v) Beautiful Shepherdess Waltz (v) My Only Love Barbara Polka Stone Heart Waltz (v) Red Raven Polka (v) Beautiful America Waltz (v) San Antonio Rose Repeat Polka (v) Arise My Darling Waltz (v) Schottische Medley At the Mill Polka (v) Cuckoo Waltz Band Leader Polka (v) Bye Bye Love Texas Legacy Czech Band - 2009 The Legacy Continues Mockingbird Waltz (v) Sunshine Polka (v) Blue Moon Turns to Gold Cikanka (Gypsy) Polka New Brides' Waltz Coca Cola Cowboy Clarinet Polka Happy Joe Waltz (v) Darktown Strutters Ball Corn Cockle Polka (v) Echoes in the Hills Waltz Touch My Heart Diggy Diggy La Dreamboat Waltz (v) Our Mike Polka Texas Legacy Czech Band - 2019 22TLCB4U Lover's Polka Black Gypsy Waltz (v) Don't Mess With My Toute Toute Polkatime in Texas (v) Snow Waltz Sailor (v) Chappel Hill Special (v) Youth and Pleasure Polka Mexico Fire Brigade Polka (v) All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v) I Wonder Where You Are Tonight My Anicka Polka (v) At the Dance Waltz (v) Together Again Woodlands Waltz Country Boy Polka Gwen's Waltz (v) Sugar Blues Baby Face Polka (v) Little Tavern Waltz (v) Our Katy (Snowflower) Polka (v) Texas Plainsmen - 45 rpm Black Gypsy Waltz (v) Jalisco Polka Texas Plainsmen - 1982 Across the Texas Plains Plainsmen's Waltz Andulko Safarova Polka (v) Texas Plainsmen - 1982 Across the Tx Plains Spanish Eyes Whiskey River Beautiful Grove Waltz (v) Musicians Come and Play Polka (v) Days of My Youth Waltz (v) Black Crow Polka (v) Crying My Heart Out Over You Sunny Side of the Mountain Happy Joe Waltz (v) Helena Polka Texas Plainsmen - 1989 Everybody's Favorites Under the Bridge Polka (v) Austin Waltz (v) Annie's Polka (v) Snow on the Roses Over the Hillside Waltz (v) Ashes of Love Polka (v) Beautiful Song Waltz Wheelbarrow Polka (v) From a Jack to a King Marejanko Waltz (v) Clover By the Brook Polka Shining Sun Waltz (v) Texas Plainsmen - Favorite Requests White Blossom Polka (v) Stone Heart Waltz (v) Tough Come Joe To Us Polka (v) May You Never Be Alone Like Me Fishermans Love Waltz (v) Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me Waiting In The Woods Waltz (v) Is It Wrong Edelweis Peanuts Polka Haymaking Waltz (v) Texas Plainsmen - New Sounds of the Texas Plainsmen Painted Gate Polka Dreamland Waltz Cheer Up Sweetheart Cowboy Rides Away Roaring Mountains Polka Woodlands Waltz You Make Me Feel Like a Man Little Goose Polka Swiss Boy Waltz That's What Makes The Jukebox Play Mountain Valley Waltz Texas Sound Czech - 2001 A Music Makin' Good Time I Am Yours Polka (v) Sad Mill Waltz (v) Goodtime Polka Evelyn Waltz Under One Roof Polka (v) Red River Valley When When Polka (v) Dahlia Waltz (v) Lovely Mary Polka Apron Waltz Fire Brigade Polka (v) Drifting and Dreaming Hopeless Polka Moonbeam Waltz (v) Music Maker Polka At the Spring Waltz (v) My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You At the Mill Waltz (v) Long Road to Praha Polka (v) Oklahoma Waltz (v) Country Boy Doodle-E-Do White Sport Coat Texas Sound Czech - 2013 It's Our Time Amerika Polka
Broken Love Waltz (v)
At the End of a Long Lonely Day
In a Green Grove Polka (v)
When We Parted Waltz (v)
Price I Paid
Like a Rose Polka (v)
Children, Go to Sleep Waltz (v)
Redneck, White Socks & Blue Ribbon Beer
Minnesota Polka
Mountain Valley Waltz (v)
More & More
Musical Polka
Beaufitul Memories Waltz (v)
Clinging Vine
My Little Girl Polka (v)
Teardrops Waltz (v)
Blue House Painted White
I Won't Be Here Polka (v)
Dreamboat Waltz (v)
Five O'Clock in the Morning
Trail in the Forest Waltz (v)
Polka Celebration (v)
Beautiful Dream Waltz (v)
Thompson, Hank - 45 rpm (Starline) Blue Skirt Waltz Westphalia Waltz Thompson, Hank w Gil Baca Uvalde (Julaida) Polka Tousek, Chas Orchestra Broke But Happy Polka (Shiner 6797-A)
Sunshine Waltz (Shiner 6797-B)
Travelers - 1990 The Travelers White Horse Polka Laendler No 30 Elmo's Polka Waltz of Bohemia Trumpets and Clarinets Polka Twilight Waltz Nano Nano Polka Skoda Laska Polka Two Gosspiers Waltz Country Girl Polka Saturday Night Waltz Memories Polka Falling Apples Laendler Texas Medley Polka Travelers - 1992 Old Time Classics Red Raven Polka Farmer's Wedding Laendler My Angel Polka (v) Cottage Under the Mountains Waltz How Can You Tell Polka Old Timer's Laendler Red Bird Polka In the Mood Westphalia Waltz Musicians Play All Night Polka Fairy Tale Waltz Little Grove Polka Kirmess Waltz Three Yanks Polka JOHNNIE VOLDAN - TPT.; JAMES VOLDAN - TPT., TROMBOME; DWAYNE WAVRA - SAX, CLAR., TROMBONE BOB WALLA - SAX, CLAR.; DONNIE WAVRA - SAX, CLAR., TPT.; WEINARD GROHMNN -ACC.; GEORGE KOUDELKA - DRUMS; BILL HOLT - BASS Travelers - 1996 Too Hot to Handle Blue Skirt Waltz Around and Around Polka Green Forest Waltz Broke But Happy Polka You Can't Be True Dear Waltz Hay Wagon Polka A White Sport Coat Give Her Roses Waltz (v) You Promised Me Polka Dutchman's Waltz Country Girl Polka Chicago Waltz Peanuts Laendler One-Eyed Jack Polka BOB WALLA - SAX., CLAR.; DUANE WAVRA - SAX, CLAR., TROMB., VOCALS DONNIE WAVRA - SAX., CLAR., TROMB., VOCALS; JOHNNIE VOLDAN - TPT., TROMB. WEINART GROHMANN - ACC., VOCALS; GEORGE KOUDELKA - DRUMS; BILL HOLT - BASS, VOCALS INFO: BOB WALLA 220 KING DR, COLUMBUS, TX 78934 (409) 732-5104 Tupa, Julius Orch - 45 rpm (Guide) Beer Barrel Polka El Rancho Grande Polka Homecoming Waltz Ten Pretty Girls Schottische Tupa, Julius - Songs I'll Always Remember WHappy Go Lucky Polka
Somewhere My Love Waltz
Barbara Polka
A Little Schottische
Red Wing
The Prune Song Waltz
Beer Barrel Polka
Homecoming Waltz
Lay That Pistol Down
One Spinning Wheel
Just Because Polka
Ten Pretty Girls Schottische
Vanek Czech Band (Sunnyvale, TX) - Top 10 My Pony Polka (v) Behind the Blacksmith Shop Waltz (v) Four Teams of White Horses Polka Maybe Yes Maybe No Waltz (v) Libenska Polka Wanderer's Luck Polka (v) My Daddy Waltz (v) One Town to Another Polka (v) Lonely Hearts Waltz (v) Polka Time in Texas (v) Al Vanek - manager, sax, guitar, bass, button acc., keyboard, vocals Ray Vanek - leader, sax, guitar, bass, button acc., keyboard, vocals Paul Vanek - percussion, vocals Steve Cerny - piano accordion, keyboard, bass guitar Tony Potter - guitar, bass, button accordion, keyboard, vocals Vanek, Tommie & Orch - The Grand Ole Polka Sound Youth & Pleasure Polka Looking For My Sweetheart Waltz (v) Ranger Waltz Tiny Bubbles Divorced Polka I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v) At the Mill Polka After the Ball is Over Waltz Blueberry Hill Marquis Schottische Before I Met You Waltz (v) Schneider Polka Vanek's Polka Band (Victoria, TX) - 1978 For the Good Times (Debi) I Waited for You Polka Mountain Valley Waltz (v) Red Rose Polka Starlite Waltz (v) Texas Plains Polka Corn Cockle Polka Orphan Waltz (v) Vanek Brothers - For the Good Times Who Like to Love You Polka (v) At the Dance Waltz (v) Cowboy Rides Away Wandering Polka At the Spring Waltz (v) Anybody Going to San Antone My Angel Polka (v) Foundling Waltz Who Were You Thinking Of Wild Irish Rose Waltz (v) Good Time (Guitar) Polka Carpenters Waltz (v) Veit, Patrick (Point Comfort, TX)- Kydo Polka Kydo Polka (v) First Waltz With You Beer Barrel Polka Innocence Waltz Gray Mountain Polka The Girl Next Door La Paloma Play Your Accordion Waltz (v) Blueberry Hill Fancy Pants Polka Red Sails in the Sunset Lhanicka Polka South Closer Walk With Thee Dan Smith - tenor sax, alto sax, bari sax, clarinet David Horecka - drums, vocals Floyd Nicholson - trumpet, music arranger Rudy Kurtz - guitar, vocals Pat Veit - accorion, vocals, band manager Veit, Patrick - Ballroom Classics Mack the Knife Help Me Make It Through the Night Corine Corina Misty Bill Bailey Tuff La Golondrina Westphalia Waltz Cimarron My Blue Heaven Begin the Beguine Pearly Shells Dark Town Strutters Ball Can't Help Falling in Love Stars Fell on Alabama Leichtensteiner Polka Harry Potcinske - Saxophones/Clarinet; Floyd Nicholson - Trumpet/Music Arranger; James Ryza - Drums; Rudy Kurtz - Guitar/Vocals; Patrick Veit - Accordion/Vocals/Band Manager Recorded 2/21/98 Veit, Patrick - Polkas, Waltzes and other Accordion Favorites Kolomeika Polka Sentimental Ol' You In Den Bergen Mochte Ic Leben (Beautiful Mountains) Polka Dutch Treat Waltz Dick's Polka You and Me Einmal-Ja Einmal-Nein Laendler Pennsylvania Polka Memories Waltz Blacksmith Waltz Josephine Waltz What Can Happen Waltz Vrana, Frank & the Melody 5 - 45 rpm (Austin Records) Broken Heart Waltz When I Met You Polka Vrazel's Polka Band - TNT 45 rpm Beautiful Dream Waltz Blue Skirt Waltz (v) (Vrazel Records WAM-45-6638 B) Eyes of Blue Polka (v) Good Ole Mountain Dew Polka (v) Haunted Garrett Waltz Homecoming Waltz (5025 A) Hopeless Polka Poor Cinderella Polka Praha Polka (v) (5025 B) Red and White Waltz (v) Red Wine Polka (v) Beautiful Shepherd Polka (v) Blue Skirt Waltz (v) Good Ole Mountain Dew (v) (Vrazel Records WAM-45-6638 A) Red Wine Polka (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Vrazel's (Austin Custom Records) Monkey Polka Green Meadow Waltz (v) Who is Going to Love You Polka
Blues Stay Away
Grinders (Nemelem) Polka (v) Swiss Boy Waltz Peanuts Polka Ben Arnold Waltz
Good Ole Mountain Dew (v)
Haymaking Waltz (v) All by Myself Polka (v) Prune Song Waltz (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Dancing Time (Austin Custom Records) (1967) Corn Cockle Polka (v) At the Spring Waltz (v) No Beer Today (In Heaven There is) Polka (v) Blue Eyed Dolly Waltz (v) Wood Auction Schottische If I Were a Bird Polka (v) (Charms of Your) Beautiful Dark Eyes Waltz (v) Snowflower Polka (v) Baby Doll Polka (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Listening & Dancing Music (Cen-Tex Records) (1968) Clover by the Water Polka (v) On Our Balcony Waltz Don't You Ever Get Tired of Hurtin' Me Clarinet Polka Days of My Youth Waltz (v) Pretty Dancing Girls Polka (v) Country Boy Polka Austin Waltz (v) Don't Be Angry Come to Us Joe Polka (v) I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v) Sunshine Polka (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - More Listening and Dancing Music (VPB 104) (1968) Beautiful Girl Polka Headache Waltz (v) You Win Again Roaring Mountains Polka (v) Somewhere There's Someone Waltz Young Widow Polka When I Saddle My Horses Polka (v) Walk Through This World With Me Oaken Leaves Polka On the Hillside Waltz (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Favorites by Vrazel's Polka Band (VPB 105) (1969) Little Goose Polka (v) Oklahoma Waltz
Sorrow Overtakes the Wine
Under the Elbe Polka Mockingbird Waltz (v)
Farewell Party
Chimney Polka Lazy Farmers Waltz (v)
It's All Over But the Crying
Grasshopper Polka (guitar) Mountain Flower Waltz
Yesterday Was Sunday
Vrazel's Polka Band - Polka Sounds from the Country (VPB 106) Under the Pine Tree Polka (v) Happy Memories Waltz Gander (Haj Husicky Haj) Polka (v) Before I Met You Waltz (v) Spanish Polka (guitar) Music Music Waltz (v) Teardrops Waltz (v) Thanks For a Wonderful Evening Polka Vrazel's Polka Band - Twirl Your Partner (VPB 107) (1973) Youth and Pleasure Polka Go to Sleep My Children Waltz (v) Ashes of Love Polka (v) Rangers Waltz Don't Wander (Nano) Polka (v) Accordion Waltz Guitar Polka Looking For My Sweetheart Waltz (v) The Key's in the Mailbox Roaring River Waltz Vrazel's Polka Band - Anniversary Time (VPB 108) (1974) Musicians Come and Play Polka (v) Mountain Valley Waltz (v) Buck's Polka (guitar) Greedy Farmer Waltz Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka (v) Lovely Mary Polka Poor Little Me Waltz (v) Wheels Polka (guitar) Happiness Waltz (v) Polka Medley (acc) Vrazel's Polka Band - More Favorites (VPB 109) You Are Like a Rose Polka (v) Starlight Waltz (v) White Horse Polka (acc) Beautiful Shepherd Waltz (v) Gypsy Polka (guitar) Red Rose Waltz (v) Good Morning Polka Honey Bee Waltz Clock on the Steeple Polka (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Performing in Washington DC (VPB 110) Red Rose Polka (v) Enchanted Woods Waltz Happy Go Lucky Polka Deer Waltz (v) Village Tavern Polka Helen Polka (guitar) Over Three Hills Waltz (v) I Love to Dance Polka (v) Tinker Polka (acc) Path to Moravia Waltz (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - Silver Anniversary Songs (VPB 111) (1978) Unknown Girl Polka Wild Olive Waltz (v) Praha (Shiner Song) Polka (v) Flying Martin Waltz Melody of Love Polka (acc) Hang My Picture in Your Heart Barbara Polka (guitar) Beautiful (Treban) Meadow Waltz (v) No Beer on Sunday Polka (v) Somewhere My Love Waltz Memories of Cameron Waltz (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - On the Road (VPB 112) Hills of Shiner Polka (v) Waiting in the Woods Waltz (v) Borsicka Polka Woodland Waltz Koline Polka Waltz Across Texas (v) Cheer Up Sweetheart Polka (guitar) Black Gypsy Waltz (v) Paloma Blanca Polka Good Night My Darling Waltz (v) Owl Polka Charlie's Angel Vrazel's Polka Band - Sounds from the Heart (VPB 414) Angel Polka (v) Once on a Sunday Waltz (v) Poor Cinderealla Polka Beautiful America Waltz (v) Miner's Rose Waltz Cross in the Field Waltz (v) Trust Me Darling Waltz (v) Plow Polka (v) Beautiful Song Waltz Under the Bridge Polka At the Dance Waltz (v) You and Me Vrazel's Polka Band - 1996 It's Polka Party Time (VPB 415) From Tabor to Us Polka (v) No One Knows Waltz (v) Let's Have a Party Polka (v) Wild Goose Waltz (v) Riding Pony (Husar) Polka (v) Circling Pigeons Laendler (guitar) Kajdu Polka (v) Echoes in the Hills Waltz (acc) Golden Pheasant Polka Baca's Famous Waltz (guitar) Come Joe to Us Polka (v) Red River Valley Vrazel's Polka Band - 1999 Greatest Hits Unknown Girl Polka If I Were A Bird Polka (v) Mountain Valley Waltz (v) Buck's Polka (guitar) Over Three Hills Waltz (v) Red Rose Polka (v) Enchanted Woods Waltz Wheels (guitar) Happiness Waltz (v) Corn Cockle Polka (v) Village Tavern Polka Memories Of Cameron Waltz (v) Praha (Shiner Song) Polka (v) Tinker Polka (acc) Path To Morava Waltz (v) No Beer On Sunday Polka (v) Somewhere My Love Waltz Barbara Polka (guitar) At The Spring Waltz (v) Wood Acution Schottische Lovely Mary Polka Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie Polka (v) Helena Polka (guitar) Deer Waltz (v) Polka Medley (acc) Musicians Come & Play Polka (v) I Love To Dance Polka (v) Vrazel's Polka Band - 2003 Golden Sounds Band Leader Polka (v) Czech Farmer Waltz (v) Katherine's Waltz (acc) Fire Brigade Polka (v) Carpenter's Waltz (v) Youth & Pleasure Polka Orphan Waltz (v) Falling Leaves I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Waltz All By Myself Polka (v) Old Poacher Waltz (v) Hill Haven Waltz Round & Round Polka (v) Westphalia Waltz (v) Curtain of Tears Waltz (v) Green Forest Polka When I Dance With You Waltz (v) Wedding Bells Vrazel's Polka Band - 2008 Polka Celebration Polka Celebration (v)
Singing Mockingbird Waltz (v)
Little Fisherman Waltz
My Darling Polka
Memories Waltz (v)
Before I Met You Waltz (v)
Mid Summer Polka
True Annie Waltz (v)
German Waltz Medley (v)
Joe Patek's Still the King Polka (v)
Oklahoma Waltz
Happy Wanderer Polka (v)
This Song is Just For You
Beautiful Sunday Polka (v)
Folsom Prison Blues
Musical Polka
Y'all Come Polka (v)
Vrazel's Polka Band - 2009 Farewell Performance If I Were A Bird Polka Mountain Valley Waltz Curtain In The Window Pretty Dancing Girl Polka Beautiful America Waltz Wild Side Of Life Cradle Polka When We Parted Waltz Cold, Cold Heart All By Myself Polka Czech Farmer Waltz Swinging Doors Sing Along If Tear Drops Were Pennies Black Gypsy Polka God Bless America & If I Were A Bird Polka Happy Go Lucky Polka I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Waltz (v) Wavra, Donnie Orch - 1997 25 Years Out of Luck Polka Rosalinda Waltz (v) Cab Driver Fiesta Polka Wild Goose Waltz (v) Take These Chains Moma Leoni Anicka (Annie's) Polka (v) Waltzing by the Wayside Mansion on the Hill Red Handkerchief Waltz Baby Doll Polka DONALD CERNOSEK - CORNET; WOLF KAYSER - ACC., TPT., VOCALS; DANIEL KURTZ - DRUMS DUANE WAVRA - TROMB., SAX, CLAR., TPT., VOCALS; MIKE GEST - TUBA, BASS GUITAR, VOCALS DONNIE WAVRA - SAX, CLAR., TPT., VOCALS RECORDED LIVE AT WEIMAR PICNIC 4/27/97 White Eagles - 1950's recordings Various unknown Polish polkas and waltzes Winkler, Rhine Orch - Hummingbird 78 rpm El Rancho Grande Polka Pop Goes the Weasel Winkler, Rhine Orch - 45 rpm Italian Dream Waltz Put Your Little Foot Let Me Call You Darling Waltz Vienna Waltz Medley Winkler, Rhine Orch - Folk Dances Little Brown Jug
Under the Double Eagle
Glow Worm
Cotton Eyed Joe
Red Wing
Put Your Little Foot
Italian Dream Waltz
Schottische Skip
Herr Schmidt
Blue Skirt Waltz
Ten Pretty Girls
Jessie Polka
Wise, Chubby - 45 rpm (Stoneway) Gotta See Your Mama Every Night Westphalia Waltz Zaplatal, Ray's Music Masters Orch - Bluebonnet Czech Rano Ranicko (Good Morning) Polka (v) Hangover Waltz Young Girl Polka (v) Round and Round Polka Beautiful Song Waltz Wooden Heart Polka (v) Child Like a Rose Polka (v) Wonder (Tulacek) Waltz Black Crow Polka Helena Polka Headache Waltz (v) Just Because Polka (v) Zaplatal, Ray's Music Masters - Texas Czech Nebraska Polka
At the Cross Waltz
Playing Masters Polka
Dark Night Waltz
Jumping Jimmy Polka
Dakota Waltz
Barbara Polka
Dutchman's Waltz
Alone in the World Waltz
White Horse Polka
Fairy Tale Waltz
Romy's Dream Waltz
Zetka's Polka Band - 1992 Step Lively Step Lively Polka (v) Granger Waltz Rain Rain Polka (v) Lovers Kiss Waltz (v) Dancehall Polka Airman's Polka (v) Carpenter's Waltz (v) Pilsen Polka (acc) Owl Waltz Violet and Rose Waltz (v) Zetka's Polka Band - 1994 On Fire With Zetka's Polka Band Fire Brigade Polka (v) Memories of Youth Waltz (v) Horsey Keep Your Tail Up Polka (v) The Dahlia Waltz Who Would You Like to Love Polka Sick, Sober and Sorry Waltz (v) Who Will Love You Polka (v) Broken Love Waltz (v) Without a Thing Polka (v) Drink, Brothers, Drink Waltz (v) Dreamboat Waltz (v) Bandleader Polka (v) Various - 1992 audio from CP Media "Bands of Texas" videotape Vrazel's Polka Band - If I Were a Bird Polka (v) Central Texas Sounds - Haymaking Waltz (v) Dutchmasters - Unhappy Lovers Polka Czech Harvesters - Enchanted Woods Waltz Wavra, Donnie Orch - Haywagon Polka Hodde, Fritz & Fabulous Six - Dick's Polka Red Ravens - Dreamland Waltz (v) Czarnek, Harry & the Texas Dutchmen - Pitcher Polka (v) Haisler, Jerry & the Melody 5 - Hastrman Waltz (v) Mikula, Jodie Orch - Trumpets & Clarinets Polka Matocha, LeeRoy Orch - Under the Bridge Polka (v) Majek, Leo Orch - Marjanko Waltz (v) Litt'l Fishermen - Julaida Polka (v) Kovanda's Czech Band - Falling Leaves Waltz (v) Seven Dutchmen - Seven Step Polka Various - 1993 Texas Czech-Bohemian-Moravian Bands Tinker Polka (Dratenik) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Forest Party Polka (Lesni Zabava) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Song Of Bohemia Waltz (Pisnicka Ceska) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Bartered Bride March (Prodana Nevesta) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Young Widow Polka (Ja Jsem Mlada Vdova) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Memories Of Youth Waltz (Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians) Divorced Polka (Adolph Pavlas & His Bohemians) Around The Moon Polka (Okolo Mesice) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Faded Rose Waltz (Zvadla Ruze) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Good Night Polka (Dubronoc) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Old Horse Gate Polka (Stara Konska Brana) (Bacova Ceska Kapela) Red Raven Polka (Julius Dietert Band) Beautiful America Waltz (v) (Joe Patek Orch) Shiner Song (Joe Patek Orch) Maybe Yes, Maybe No Waltz (Joe Patek Orch) Wheel Barrow Polka (Joe Patek Orch) Little Axe Polka (Sekerecka) (Frank Hermanek Band) Happy Go Lucky Polka (Adolph Hofner) The Prune Waltz (v) (Adolph Hofner) Barbara Polka (v) (Adolph Hofner) Green Meadow Waltz (v) (Adolph Hofner) Shiner Song Polka (v) (Adolph Hofner) Barbara Polka (Benny Brosh Orch) Circling Pigeons Waltz (John R. Baca Orch) Musicians Come Out And Play Polka (Ray Krenek Orch) Oneida Polka (Bill Mraz Orch) Corrido Rock (Joe Patek Orch) Various - 1994 Texas Bohemia Snow Flower Polka (Shiner Hobo Band) Beautiful America Waltz (Adolph Hofner) Texas Schottische (Ray Krenek Orch) Corn Cockle Polka (Vrazels-Majeks-Bobby Jones) Song of the War Waltz (Jimmy Brosch & His Happy Country Boys) Hayseed Polka (Ray Baca Orch) Wooden Heart (v) (Henry Brosch Orch) Edelweiss (Tuba Meisters) Cotton Eyed Joe (Lee Roy Matocha Orch) Once on a Sunday Waltz (Vrazel's Polka Band) On Our Porch Polka (Henry Tannenberger Orch) Stone Heart Waltz (v) (Red Ravens) Shiner Song (v) (Vrazels-Majeks-Bobby Jones) Der Itzig kommt geritten Polka (Knutsch Band) At The Spring Waltz (v) (Ellinger Combo) El Rancho Grande Polka (Leroy Rybak's Swinging Orch) Orphan Waltz (v) (Joe Patek Orch) Dancing Polka (Jimmy Brosch & His Happy Country Boys) Musicians Come Out And Play Polka (v) (Shiner Hobo Band) Zwei wie wir zwei Waltz (v) (Knutsch Band) If I Were A Bird Polka (v) (Red Ravens) Prune Waltz (Shiner Hobo Band) Oh Susannah Schottische (Ray Baca Orch) My Marian (Marjanko) Waltz (v) (Leo Majek Orch) A Ja Sam (All By Myself) (v) (Vrazels-Majeks-Bobby Jones) Various - 1994 Play Me Polka Play Me a Polka (v) (Czech Harvesters) Fireman's Polka (Dutchmasters) Around the Moon Polka (v) (Jodie Mikula Orch) Memories Waltz (Moonriders) Wheelbarrow Polka (v) (Jodie Mikula Orch) Spingtime Polka (Joe Patek Orch) Autumn Rose Lšndler (Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen) Angel Polka (v) (Vrazel's Polka Band) Lover's Polka (Dutchmasters) Lee Roy's Waltz (Lee Roy Matocha Orch) Green Gate Polka (Jodie Mikula Orch) Fancy Pants Polka (Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen) Wanderer Waltz (v) (Czech Harvesters) Clock on the Steeple Polka (v) (Moonriders) Fond Farewell Polka (Jodie Mikula Orch) Various - 1998 3rd Annual New Braunfels Polkafest Litt'l Fishermen - Grey Mountain Polka Cloverleaf Orch - Goodnight Waltz Happy Travelers - Bergvagabunden Polka (v) Seven Dutchmen - Back to My Homeland Waltz (v) Swinging Dutchmen - Herzweh Polka Bohemian Dutchmen - Hofbrauhaus Waltz (v) Jubilee Polka Band - Huntsman's Waltz Oma and the Oompahs - One More Polka Der Klein Steins - Egerlander Waltz New Braunfels Polka Bands - Beer Barrel Polka (v) Bohemian Dutchmen - Paloma Blanca Polka (v) Der Klein Steins - Boehmische Wind Waltz Jubilee Polka Band - Herz Schmerz Polka Litt'l Fishermen - Waltz Across Texas (v) Seven Dutchmen - Liechtensteiner Polka Swinging Dutchmen - Grandmother's Laendler No 5 Oma and the Oompahs - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen (v) Cloverleaf Orch - If I Were a Bird Polka New Braunfels Polka Bands - Blue Skirt Waltz (v) Happy Travelers - Happy Travelers-Auf Wiedersehn Polka Various - 1999 4th Annual New Braunfels Polkafest Seven Dutchmen - No Beer Today Polka (v) Cloverleaf Orch - How Can You Tell Polka Litt'l Fishermen - Rose Garden Waltz Bohemian Dutchmen - You Can't Be True Waltz Swinging Dutchmen - Picnic in the Woods Polka Jubilee Polka Band - Two Gossipens Waltz Oma and the Oompahs - In Den Bergen Polka (v) Der Klein Steins - Die Schienste Rose Waltz New Braunfels Polka Bands - California Polka Bohemian Dutchmen - Red Beer Polka (v) Swinging Dutchmen - Kuchler's Laendler Jubilee Polka Band - A Ja Sam-Happy Go Lucky Polka Oma and the Oompahs - Valaggen Parada Polka Cloverleaf Orch - Star Waltz Der Klein Steins - Blaue Augen Polka Seven Dutchmen - Westphalia Waltz Happy Travelers - Let's Have a Party Polka (v) New Braunfels Polka Bands - Cottage Under the Mountains Waltz Litt'l Fishermen - Musicians Come Out and Play Polka Various - 2003 Polkas & WAltzes Texas Style Vol. II Oh! I'm So Tired Polka (Rudy Kurtz Orch) Orphan Waltz (v) (Joe Patek Orch) Trail in the Forest Waltz (v) (Victor Caka Orch) Let Me Call You Darling Waltz (Rhine Winkler Orch) Beer Barrel Polka (Sunglows) Red Wine Polka (v) (Vrazel's Polka Band) Red Raven Polka (Tommie Vanek Orch) Foundling Waltz (Rudy Kurtz Orch) Wonderland by Night (Joe Patek Orch) Oh! Meadow Polka (Victor Caka Orch) Vienna Waltz Medley (Rhine Winkler Orch) Battle of Flowers Polka (Sunglows) Beautiful Shepherd Polka (v) (Vrazel's Polka Band) Girl of My Dreams Waltz (Tommie Vanek Orch) Various - 2004 New Braunfels Polka Leaders Vol. 4 Jubilee Polka Band - Circling Pigeons Laendler Seven Dutchmen - Our Mike Polka Litt'l Fishermen - Star Waltz Euro Express - Homeless Polka Oma & the Oompahs - Mann Am Klavier Waltz (v) Cloverleaf Orch - Little by Little Polka Rennie & the Happy Travelers - Red and White Waltz Bohemian Dutchmen - Under One Roof Polka Euro Express - Chicago Waltz Litt'l Fishermen - Woman Waltz (v) Jubilee Polka Band - Friendship Polka Seven Dutchmen - A Night in May Waltz Oma & the Oompahs - Katharina Fox-Trot (v) Rennie & the Happy Travelers - Westphalia Waltz Bohemian Dutchmen - Farewell Polka Cloverleaf Orch - Roadside Waltz Various - 2007 TPMM Bands of Texas Vol. 1 Bobby Jones Czech Band - Polka Time in Texas (v) Fritz Hodde & Fabulous Six - Behind The Blacksmith Shop Waltz Harry Czarnek & Texas Dutchmen - Red Rose Polka (v) Praha Bros - When Children Sleep Waltz (v) Herr Louie & His Old Tyme Band - Alamo Scottische Vrazel's Polka Band - Band Leader Polka (v) Frank H. Migl Orch - Julida Polka (v) Seven Dutchmen - Saturday Night Waltz Combinations - Across The Texas Plains Polka (v) Texas Sound Check - Kenny Bass Polka Wence Shimek Orch - Memories Waltz (v) Czech and Then Some - Rita Polka New Braunfels Village Band - Schunkelparade Waltz Medley Mark Halata & Texavia - I Love To Dance Round Top Brass Band - Circling Pigeons Laendler Joe Patek Orch - Paul Jones Medley Various - 2014 TPMM Bands of Texas Vol. 4 Young Girl Polka (Brandon Hodde) Go To Sleep My Children Waltz (Sulak Brothers) Country Girl Polka (Norman Barnes) Westphalia Waltz (Edward Kopecky Fun Time Czech Band) Come Joe To Us Polka (Red Ravens) Black Gypsy Waltz (Texas Legacy Czech Band) Gerik's Schottische (Jerry Petter) Roaring Mountains Polka (Pavelka Orch) Somewhere My Love Waltz (Die Grosse Kapelle) Plow Polka (Tony Janak Orch) Dancing Around Polka (Victor Caka & Polkatimers) Looking For My Sweetheart Waltz (Czech Melody Masters) Our Katy Polka (Moravians) Polka Wedding Waltz (Litt'l Fishermen) In Den Bergen Polka (Swinging Dutchmen) Dark Night Waltz (Ray Zapletal's Music Masters) Fire Brigade Polka (Zetka's Polka Band) Das Maedchen (The Girl) Waltz (San Antonio Combo) Musicians Come And Play Polka (Vlk Sisters) Behind The Blacksmith Shop Waltz (Dancehall Boys) Wheelbarrow Polka (Charles Mikeska & Sensations)