Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to
"Czech Classics - Then and Now..."

January-February 2006
Hosted by Dennis Svatek

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01  Baby Doll - Polka
Bay City Dutchmen

02  Opening

03 Polish Waltz No. 3
Bill Mraz Orch.

04 Loveless - Polka
Bill Mraz Orch.

05 Cloverleaf - Polka
Joe Patek Orch.

06 Dreamland - Waltz
Joe Patek Orch.

07 Clarinet - Polka
Jimmy Dorsey Orch.

08 Julaida - Polka
Jimmy Dorsey Orch.

09 Looking For My Sweetheart - Waltz
Danny Drozd

10 A Ja Sam - Polka
Danny Drozd

11 Who Is That Blue-Eyed Girl? - Waltz
Danny Drozd

12 Trumpets and Clarinets - Polka
Harry Czarnek & the Texas Dutchmen

13 Commentary

14 Red Raven - Polka
Bobby Jones Orch.

15 Red Rose - Waltz
The Czechmates

16 Lazy Farmer - Waltz
Central Texas Sounds

17 Good Morning - Polka
Leroy Rybak's Swinging Orch.

18 Wedding Waltz
The Harvesters

19 Mountain Valley - Waltz
Jerry Haisler & the Melody 5

20 Blue Eyes - Polka
Leo Majek Orch.

21 At the Spring - Waltz
Adolph Hofner

22 Does My Baby Love Me, Yes Sir!
Adolph Hofner

23 Closing

24 In Heaven There is No Beer - Polka
Brave Combo

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