Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to
"Czech Classics - Then and Now..."

November 2005
Hosted by Dennis Svatek

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01  County Fair- Polka
Adolph Hofner

02  Opening

03 Falling Leaf - Waltz
Mark Vyhlidal Orch.

04 Nemelem - Polka
Gil Baca Orch.

05 Golden Pheasant - Polka
Vrazel's Polka Band

06 Little Edelweiss - Waltz
Litt'l Fishermen

07 Lili Marlene - Schottische
Dorf Kapelle

08 Wooden Heart - Polka
Joe Patek Orch.

09 Commentary

10 Farmer's Wedding - Laendler
Bill Mraz Orch.

11 My Hat Has Three Corners - Waltz
Cloverleaf Orch.

12 Happy Days - Polka
Jodie Mikula Orch.

13 Alpine - Laendler
The Deutschmeisters

14 Falling Apples - Laendler
The Travelers

15 Lichtensteiner - Polka
Hi-Toppers Orch.

16 Dancing at the Midway - Schottische
Romy Gosz Orch.

17 Commentary

18 So Ein Tag - Waltz
Chuck Thiel and His Jolly Ramblers

19 Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha Orch.

20 New Ulm - Waltz
The Dancehall Boys

21 Dutch - Waltz
Herr Louie and His Old Time Band

22 Beer Barrel - Polka
Whoopie John

23 Closing

24 Jesse - Polka
A.J. Zrubek and the Debonaires

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