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Here you'll find MP3 versions of past
"Czech Melody Time" broadcasts.
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July 2002
Hosted by Dennis Svatek
Running time: 105 min.

Part 1                     Part 2
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1.  At the Mill - Polka
Czech Melody Masters - Austin, Texas

2.  Welcome

3.  Zahra Dce - Waltz
Adolph Pavlas and His Gold Chain Bohemians - Schulenburg, Texas

4.  Nas Matej (Our Mike) - Polka
Adolph Pavlas

5.  Baca's Famous Waltz
Bacova Ceska Kapela - Fayetteville, Texas

6.  Muziky Muziky - Waltz
Bacova Ceska Kapela

7.  Sharpshooter - Polka
Harold Strand Orch. - Waco, Texas
Songs 3-7 requested by Glenn Lacina

8.  Cotton Patch - Polka
Jodie Mikula Orch. - Ennis, Texas

9.  Prune Song- Waltz
Adolph Hofner - San Antonio, Texas

10.  Snowman - Polka
Al Grebnick and the Boys - Schuyler, NE
Songs 8-10 requested by David Derzanovich

11.  Blue Skirt - Waltz
Bill Mraz Orchestra - Houston, Texas
Requested by Frank Meyer

12.  Commentary

13.  Orphaned - Waltz
Romy Gosz Orch. - Manitowoc, WI
Requested by George Douglass

14.  Eyes of Blue - Polka
Henry Brosch Orch. - Shiner, Texas

15.  Polish Wedding Waltz
Litt'l Fishermen - New Braunfels, Texas

16.  I Love to Dance - Polka
Hub City Dutchmen - Yoakum, Texas

17.  Innocence - Waltz
Joe Patek Orch. - Shiner, Texas

18.  Musicians Come and Play - Polka
Czech Melody Masters - Austin, Texas

19.  Waltz Across Texas
Litt'l Fishermen - New Braunfels, Texas
Songs 14-19 requested by Glenn Foster

20.  Commentary

21.  Yakety Sax
Gil Baca Orch. - Fayetteville, Texas

22.  Jole Blon (Drunkard's Dream) - Waltz
Gil Baca Orch.

23.  Dumplin' - Polka
Leo Majek Orch. - Corpus Christi, Texas

24.  Red Raven - Polka
Lawrence Duchow & His Red Raven Orch.

25.  Crystal Isle - Waltz
Dick Rodgers Orch.

26.  Madalenka - Polka
Romy Gosz Orch.

27.  Echoes in the Hills - Waltz
Henry Tannenberger Orch. - Houston, Texas

28.  Scarecrow - Polka
The Old-Timers - NE

29.  Teardrops - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha Orch. - Fayetteville, Texas

30.  My Pony - Polka
Joe Patek Orch.

31.  Rockin Rhythm - Polka
Bernie Roberts - WI

32.  Does My Baby Love Me, Yes Sir!
Adolph Hofner

33.  Kydo - Polka
Patrick Veit Orch. - Victoria, Texas

34.  Closing

35.  Beautiful America - Waltz
Adolph Hofner