Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to Czech Melody Time!!!


Here you'll find MP3 versions of past
"Czech Melody Time" broadcasts.
Simply download the files and enjoy!

July 2001
Hosted by Dennis Svatek
Running time: 1 hour 45 min.

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1.  Bluebonnet - Polka
Gil Baca Orch. - Fayetteviile, TX
from the LP, "Polkas & Waltzes by...", 1967

2.  Welcome

3.  Dahlia - Waltz
Texas Sound Check - Houston, Texas
from the CD "A Music Makin' Goodtime", 2001

4.  When When - Polka
Texas Sound Check
same as above

5.  Sunday - Polka
City Polka Boys - Houston, Texas
from the LP, "Long Road to Houston", 1970's

6.  Maybe Yes Maybe No - Waltz
Bill Mraz Orch. - Houston, Texas
from the LP, "Oompah Dance party", 1960's

7.  Little Echo - Polka
Al Grebnick and the Boys - Schuyler, NE

8.  Happiness - Waltz
Praha Bros. - Temple, Texas
from the CD, "Praha Bros.", 2000

9.  Ja Neman Nic - Polka
Charlie Dvorak - Nebraska

10.  Rainbow - Polka
Fritz & the Fabulous Six - Pflugerville, Texas
from the LP, "Rainbow Polka", 1970's

11.  Gordon's - Laendler
Harold Strand Orch. - Waco, Texas
from the CD, "Play Polkas", 2000

12.  Corn Cockle - Polka
Czech Melody Masters - Taylor/Austin, Texas
from the CD, "Play Old-Tyme Radio Favorites", 2000

13.  Commentary

14.  Shiner Song
FSK - Germany

As I mentioned, FSK is a German punk rock band.  This song was produced by David Lowery, who is also a pseudo-member of FSK.  Lowery is also the leader of several quirky rock bands, the latest being Cracker.  
At some point in the early 90's, FSK was on tour, and during a swing through Texas, somehow met up with Adolph Hofner in San Antonio.  Apparently Adolph taught the group the Shiner Song, and it has become a staple at Cracker concerts, usually as an encore.  
As Lowery was producing the records for FSK, he probably taught them the song as well and they recorded it.
(As a side note, another product of this trip was a CD produced by Thomas Meinecke, another member of FSK, called "Texas Bohemia", featuring several Central Texas bands.  It's an import, but if you search hard enough on the 'Net you can find it state-side.)

15.  Fightin' Side of Me
Merle Haggard

In honor of Roy Nichols, long-time guitar player for Merle Haggard & the Strangers

16.  Act Naturally
Buck Owens

In honor of Johnny Russell, writer of this great song

17.  Corrine Corrina
Pat Veit Orch. - Victoria, Texas
from the CD, "Ballroom Classics", 1998

18.  The Yodel Polka
Don Walser & the Pure Texas Band - Austin, Texas
from the CD, "Texas Souveneir", 1990

19.  Commentary

20.  Accordion - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha - Fayetteville, Texas
fromthe LP, "By Popular Demand", 1987

21.  Helena - Polka
The Tom & Toby Show - Seattle, WA

22.  Katherina - Laendler
Jerry Petter - Dallas, Texas

23.  Golden Star - Polka
Buttons & Banjo - Wisconsin
from the CD, "After All These Years", 1999

24.  Huntsman's - Waltz
Dick Rodgers - Wisconsin
Polkaland 45rpm

25.  Ellinger - Waltz
Ellinger Combo - Ellinger, Texas
from the LP. "From Ellinger with Love", 1970's

26.  Polka Medley
Kenny Shuda - Nebraska

27.  Commentary

28.  Jundrovska - Polka
Moravanka - Czech Republic

29.  Andulko Safarova - March
Composed by Frantisek Kmoch
Performed by the Peoples Army of Czechoslovakia

30.  Skoda Lasky - March
Jindrich Bauer Brass Band - Czech Republic

31.  Krasna America - Waltz
City Polka Boys - Houston, Texas
from the LP, "Long Road to Houston"

32.  America - Polka
Dancehall Boys - Austin, Texas
Unreleased live performance, 5/10/98

33.  Closing

34.  Abby - Polka
Jodie Mikula Orchestra - Ennis, Texas
from the LP, "Play More Polkas and Waltzes", 1975