Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to Czech Melody Time!!!


Here you'll find MP3 versions of past
"Czech Melody Time" broadcasts.
Simply download the files and enjoy!

November 2000
Hosted by Dennis Svatek
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes (or so...)

Part 1        Part 2
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1. Klobase - Polka
Jodie Mikula Orch. - Ennis, Texas
from the album "Klobase Polka", early 1990's

Little Fishermen Orch. - New Braunfels, Texas
from the album "Little Fishermen", late 1960's

2. Two Eddies - Polka
3. Farmer's Wedding - Waltz
4. Tanta Anna - Polka
5. San Antonio Rose
6. Mountain Valley - Polka
7. St. Paul's Bullfrog - Waltz
8. Briza Zelena (Green Meadow) - Polka
9. Badger - Laendler
10. Laughing - Polka

11. Blue Skirt/Red Skirt - Waltz
The Dancehall Boys - Austin, Texas
from the album "Live, Volume 3", 1998
John Ondrusek - Accordion, Czech vocal; Dennis Svatek - Lead trumpet;
Danny Gerik - Trumpet, harmony vocal; Dave Bedrich - Trumpet;
Thomas Durnin - Double Bass; Joe Morris - Drums, English vocal

12. Clarinet - Polka
Hi-Toppers Orch. - New Braunfels, Texas
from the album "Polkas & Waltzes" (Guide 1008), 1960's

13. Arise My Darling - Polka
Romy Gosz Orch. - Manitowoc, WI
from the album "Radio Broadcasts, 1960-1963"

14. Arise My Darling - Polka
Pavelka Orch. - Corpus Christi, Texas
from the album "Pavelka's New Sound", 1977
Benny Pavelka - Trumpet, vocals, leader; Jerome Pavelka - Tenor sax;
Michael Pavelka - Guitar, vocals; Benji Pavelka - Bass guitar;
Kirby Park - Accordion, cordovox; Mark Rebecek - Drums

15. Blue Eyed Dolly - Waltz
Bill Mraz Orch. - Houston, Texas
from the album "Swing and Sway" (Mraz 507), mid 1960's

16. I Love to Dance - Polka
Al Grebnick & the Boys - Schuyler, Texas

17. Waltz Across Texas
Vrazel Polka Band - Buckholts, Texas
from the album "On the Road"  (VPB 112), 1970's

18. Shiner Song - Polka
Joe Patek Orch. - Shiner, Texas
Hummingbird 78 rpm, 1940's

19. Wild Goose - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha Orch. - Fayetteville, Texas
fromthe album "50 Years of Accordion Music", 1997

20. My Angel - Polka
Harry Czarnek & the Texas Dutchmen - Houston, Texas
from the album
"By Request", 1994

21. Owl - Polka
The Bobby Jones Orch. - Wharton, Texas
Recorded live at Bill Mraz Ballroom, 12/22/84
Bobby Jones - Accordion
Dennis Svatek - Trumpet
Papa Joe Zetka - Trumpet
Joe Zetka, Jr. - Guitar
Teresa Zetka- Bass
Harvey Fajkus- Drums

22. Lonely Heart (Swiss Boy) - Waltz
The Leo Majek Orch. - Corpus Christi, Texas
from the album
"Happy Music for Happy People" (Majek 102), 1960's
Leo Majek, Jr. - Cordovox Accordion, manager; John Majek - Saxaphone, vocalist;
Charlie Majek - Drums; Frank Majek - Trumpet, vocalist;  Joe Majek - Saxaphone;
Jerry Majek - Bass guitar, vocalist; Michael Majek - Trumpet, vocalist;
Randy Majek - Piano; Joseph Nemecek - Saxaphone 

23. Red Wing - Polka
Bay City Dutchmen - Bay City, Texas
from the album "Swing and Sway", 1970's

24. Schnitzelbank - Polka
Six Fat Dutchmen
from an RCA/Victor EP, 1957

25. Homecoming - Waltz
Old Timers - Nebraska

26. Hey Baba Reba- Polka
Brave Combo - Denton, Texas
from the album "Polkatharsis", 1987
Bubba Hernandez - Bass, vocals
Mitch Marine - Drums
Carl Finch - Guitar, accordion, vocals
Jeffrey Barnes - Woodwinds, vocals