Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to Czech Melody Time!!!

January 1999
Hosted by Dennis Svatek
Lee Roy Matocha Tribute Show

Part 1                   Part 2
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1.  Corn Cockle - Polka
Joe Patek Orch. - Shiner, Texas
"Happy Joe and Other Favorites", mid 1960's

2.  Opening

3.  Memories of Cameron - Waltz
Lee Ilse Orch. - Plum, Texas
Bess 45rpm, circa 1956-57

4.  Cradle - Polka
Lee Ilse
same as above

5.  Woodchoppers - Laendler
Bill Mraz Orch. - Houston, Texas
"Festival Album", early 1960s (Mraz 502)

6.  Black Gypsy - Polka
Harry Czarnek & the Texas Dutchmen - Houston, Texas
"By Request", 1994

7.  Button Waltz Medley
Mark Vyhlidal - Fremont, NE
"Especially For You", 1994

8.  Circling Pigeons - Laendler
Rudy Kurtz Orch. - Yoakum, Texas
mid 1970's

9.  Commentary

10.  Without a Thing - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha Orch. - Fayetteville, Texas
"Dance with Lee Roy", mid 1960's

11.  On Our Balcony - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha
same as above

12.  Beer Bucket - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha
"By Special Request", late 1960's (Lee Records)

13.  Falling Leaves - Waltz
Kovanda's Czech Band - Fayetteville, Texas

14.  Waltztime - Waltz
Chuck Thine & His Jolly Ramblers - MN

15.  At the Mill - Polka
Al Grebnick & the Boys - Schuyler, NE

16.  Commentary

17.  Clarinet - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha
"Polka Time with Lee Roy", late 1960's (Austin Records)

18.  Oh Susannah - Schottische
Lee Roy Matocha
"Something Old, Something New", early 1970's (Guide Records)

19.  Star - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha
Same as above

20.  Andulicko - Polka
Vaclav Albrecht
78rpm recording, early 1900's

21.  I Will No Longer Cross Borders - Polka
Kapela Pana Hermana
78 rpm recording, early 1900's

22.  Woven Flowers - Polka
Dancehall Boys - Austin, Texas
"An Evening in Dubina", 1998

23.  Ping Pong - Polka
Hi-Toppers Orch. - New Braunfels, Texas
mid 1970's

24.  Arise My Darling - Polka
Romy Gosz Orch. - Manitowoc, WI
"Radio Broadcasts 1960-63"

25.  Commentary

26.  Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha
"The King of Polka", mid 1970's (Guide Records)

27.  Charms of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha
Same as above

28.  Hills of Shiner ("Texas Special") - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha
"The Country Boy is Back", mid 1970's

29.  My Darling - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha
"The Fayetteville Flash Returns", early 1980's

30.  Muziky Muziky - Polka
Lee Roy Matocha
"By Popular Demand", 1987

31.  Accordion - Waltz
Lee Roy Matocha
"By Popular Demand", 1987

32.  Jessie - Polka
Adolph Hofner - San Antonio, Texas
"South Texas Swing", 1940's

33.  No Beer Today - Polka
Edna Polka Boys - Edna/El Campo, Texas
"Lisa Polka", 1980

34.  Closing

35.  Green Birch - Polka
Mark Vyhlidal - Fremont, NE
"Czech Stylings with Alfred Novacek"