Dobre Muziky!!!

Welcome to
"Czech Clasics Then and Now"

These tapes were graciously donated to me by Mr. Dan Kahanek.
In addition to the songs listed below, these broadcasts include local advertisements,
and announcements in both Czech and English.

September 21, 1975
American-Czech Melodies, KSKY 660 AM, Dallas, Texas
Hosted by Lada Cerny

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1.  Ernest Mous Orch. - Polka For Two

2.  Jindrich Bauer & Supraphon Brass Band, vocals by Pan Kuf Chorus - There Where the People Sing

3.  Marv Herzog Orch. - Somewhere My Love Waltz

4.  Various "A Tribute to Jerry Mazanec" - Where Are You My Darling Polka

5.  Jindrich Bauer & Supraphon Brass Band, vocals by Zdenek Matos & Miroslav Suba - In a Year or Two Polka

6.  Harold Strand Orch. - Georgie Boy Polka

7.  Jindrich Bauer & Supraphon Brass Band - Kdo Smidar Polka